5 Tips For Coloring Your Hair At Home

5 Tips For Coloring Your Hair At Home | A Girl, Obsessed

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As I grow older, my beauty routines have changed and adapted. One new thing I've had to start doing is regularly coloring my hair. I was blessed with hair that decided to start turning gray in my mid-twenties, and as of late it's been getting to the point where I can no longer cover them with my bangs or by wearing my hair down. Since I'm more of a "do-it-yourself" kind of gal, I like coloring my hair at home rather than spending a ton of time and money going into a salon. If you're like me, you'll know that coloring your own hair can take a little bit of skill, so I've teamed up with Schwarzkopf Hair Color to share my top 5 tips for coloring your hair at home.

5 Tips For Coloring Your Hair At Home | A Girl, Obsessed

Invest In Quality

The first thing that is absolutely crucial is investing in a product that is going to give you quality color and long-lasting results. Sure you can go with the cheapest option available, but I guarantee you'll be needing another dye job in just a couple weeks and your hair is likely to feel damaged. Instead of wasting time, money, and your hair's precious health, invest in a professional quality hair color that will give you brilliant results that actually last. My favorite is the Schwarzkopf Color Ultîme - it comes in a wide array of beautiful colors, is super easy to use, and makes my hair incredibly shiny afterwards (plus, it doesn't make my whole apartment stink of strong chemicals). I love that I can always find it easily at my local Walmart, and am able to get a box for less than $10! Compared to getting my hair done at a salon, it is much friendlier on the wallet.

Protect Your Skin

Before coloring my hair, I like to do a little prep to ensure my skin doesn't get dyed as well. One thing I love to do that's quick and easy is to put a little bit of petroleum jelly on the skin around my hairline (starting at my forehead and working around to the base of my neck). This adds a little protective layer between my skin and the hair dye, and makes cleanup so much easier. Since I usually just hop in the shower once the color has fully set and dyed my hair, I can simply wash off the petroleum jelly and I don't have to worry about any dye marks on my skin afterwards. If you decide to try this tip, just make sure you don't get the jelly on your actual hair or the dye won't adhere to the follicles -  just apply it to your skin.

Quick Touch-Ups

If you didn't try the above tip (or you're just really messy when coloring your hair), here's another quick tip for cleaning up any dye that gets on your skin. Ready for it? Makeup wipes. Yep, those bad boys have another use other than just letting you take a lazy night off from your skincare routine. After applying your hair color, quickly wipe up any dye that got on your skin with a cleansing face wipe. You might have to scrub a little bit, but this always helps me remove any stains. The key is to be as quick as possible with cleanup - the longer the dye sits on your skin, the more it stains and the harder it will be to get rid of any remnants.

Beware Your Surroundings

If you've colored your hair at home before, you'll know that it can get a little messy (despite our best efforts to keep everything as clean as possible). I can't tell you how many times I've finished dyeing my hair only to see a few random splatters and drops of hair color around my bathroom. Oops! To really make sure I don't make a huge mess, I like to prep my bathroom a little beforehand. First, I'll take some garbage bags or old towels and lay them around the area where I'll be located. If using towels, I always make sure to use dark colored ones since my hair dye is usually a deep brown or black. Next, I'll either put on some ratty old clothes that I don't care about accidentally staining, or I'll cut some holes in a big garbage bag for my head and arms, and wear it like a dress while applying the hair color to ensure my clothes are protected. You may look a bit silly, but at least your clothing will be safe.

A Helping Hand

The one difficulty I have with dyeing my hair at home is making sure the color is evenly applied all over. I'm fine with sectioning off the front and getting all of those pesky grays covered, but once I reach the back it's kind of a guessing game and I'm just praying it all turns out even. This is where having a helping hand really comes in...well, handy (I know, I know...no more bad jokes, I swear). There's no shame in asking someone to help you out with coloring your hair. If you've got a friend or two needing to dye there's as well, you can even make a girls night of it. Order some take out, pop in a movie, and take turns coloring each other's hair! Then the next day you all can go out and show off your lovely new colors. It's a win-win situation.

5 Tips For Coloring Your Hair At Home | A Girl, Obsessed

Here's a quick "before and after" of my hair using the Schwarzkopf Color Ultîme in shade 3.1 Espresso Black. I feel so much more confident when my hair is freshly colored - no more worrying about my grays showing, plus this dark brown shade absolutely glistens in the sunlight. I couldn't be happier!

Have you tried Schwarzkopf Hair Color yet? What are your tips for at-home hair coloring?

5 Tips For Coloring Your Hair At Home | A Girl, Obsessed
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