Making The Switch To Cruelty-Free

Making The Switch To Cruelty-Free | A Girl, Obsessed

A few months ago, I saw an article that completely broke my heart. NARS has decided to start selling their products in China, which means they are no longer a cruelty-free company. This came as a shock to me because apparently I've been naive in thinking that animal testing was something that rarely ever happened anymore. After reading that article, I started looking into the relationship between the cosmetics industry and animal testing, and was shocked to find out that this is still a very real practice today for many companies. I then proceeded to have an hour long cry fest while watching videos of animals being rescued from labs, and vowed to make the switch to using strictly cruelty-free products.

Now, I know this is a conversation that runs much deeper than the beauty industry. I'm doing what I can to make as many changes as possible, but I know that this is a lifestyle change and not something that happens completely overnight. I'm currently researching which beauty brands are animal-friendly and which to avoid, as well as looking into becoming vegan and giving up all animal products. My hope is to no longer contribute to any animal suffering, and to no longer support companies and franchises that believe it's okay to mistreat and abuse animals for profit. To say I'm disappointed in this decision from NARS is a huge understatement, but it doesn't stop there - Benefit, Clinique, Maybelline, and several other companies have agreed to submit their products for animal testing in order to sell in China, and I can no longer support brands that are choosing profits over morals.

I'll be going through all of my makeup and beauty products in the coming weeks, and getting rid of anything from brands that support animal testing. I've decided to finish up the products I have from NARS seeing as I bought them before they started animal testing, but moving forward I will no longer be shopping with NARS until they change their policies. Speaking of policies, I think it's insane that China is asking companies to test on animals in order to sell in their country. This is such a backwards way of thinking, and I'm hoping that the outrage many NARS fans are feeling will help extend the conversation of ending animal cruelty to China and get them to change their policies.

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, as well as if you only shop cruelty-free and what your favorite animal-friendly brands are.

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